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The Institute of Women's Studies conducts and facilitates research on Palestinian women and gender relations in Palestinian society, both through instituting its own research projects and through collecting archival materials and offering services to other researchers. Research output is used to contribute to policy formulation and development planning, in addition to contributing to the development of the women's movement agenda.  It is also meant to enhance teaching, training and intervention activities carried out by the Institute. The Institute also encourages its members to pursue their own research interests, and when in the sphere of women’s studies, attempts to provide time and resources for this research.  In particular, publications in academic journals, developmental forums and Arabic-language periodicals are highly encouraged. Full list of publications
The Institute has published a wide variety of studies, working papers, and status reports, including the following:








Formations of Masculinities and Gender Dynamics in the Palestinian Colonial Context
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Eileen Kuttab, Nida Abu Awwad, Lena Meari, & Rema Hammami




Addressing the Needs of Palestinian Households in Area C of the West Bank. Findings of the First Comprehensive Household Survey (January 2019)
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A joint project of the Institute of Women’s Studies & the Development Studies Center at Birzeit University on behalf of Oxfam




Re-integration of Women Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Core Process for Combating Violence against Women in Palestinian Society
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Nida Abu Awwad








Gendered Youth Occupied Lives. Attitudes and Experiences of Palestinian Male and Female Youth in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab Jerusalem
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youth servey
Rema Hammami




Change & Conservation. Family Law Reform in Court Practice and Public Perceptions in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Summary and Report of 2013 Family Law Survey Findings

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Change and conservation

Penny Johnson, & Rema Hammami




A Dangerous Decade: The 2nd Gender Profile of the Occupied West Bank and Gaza (2000 – 2010)


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Eileen Kuttab,  Islah Jad, Jamil Hilal,  Penny Johnson,  Rema Hammami, Rita Giacaman & Samia Al-Botmeh




Inside Palestinian Households: Initial Analysis of a Community-Based Household Survey

Edited by

Rita Giacaman & Penny Johnson




The Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sports: A Case Study of Gender Integration.

Islah Jad, Lamis Abu Nahleh & Lisa Taraki




Towards Gender Equality in the Palestinian Territories Inside Palestinian Territories- Initial Analysis of a Community-based Household Survey





Palestinian Women: A Status Report





Working papers