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Since its establishment, the Institute of Women’s Studies has continuously expanded its library holdings, specializing in books, periodicals, audiovisual, and other materials in both English and Arabic.  Holdings cover subjects on women, gender and development across the disciplines as well as sociology and social science subjects more generally. The library also carries unpublished materials (including pamphlets, a variety of documents and some personal archives) as well as a large selection of policy studies and statistical reports. In total, its holdings stand at 12,895 books and journals: 3,492 Books in English and 5,711 in Arabic and 1,463 Journals in English and 1767 in Arabic.


About the Library

Books & Documents

Library holdings cover subjects on Palestinian and Arab women and on a host of subfields in gender studies both of the Middle East and globally. Documents include local and international research and policy papers, reports, theses, and statistical studies in both English and Arabic. In addition, the library holds a wide array of subjects in development studies and sociology. Along with books and journals, holdings include reference works and bibliographies in hard copy or on CD-ROM.


Academic Journals 

IWS library has a collection of Arabic and English hard copy Journals. Some of the collection are also available on the main library database. Birzeit University Main Library has subscriptions to a number of electronic journal databases (such as Jstor) that offer access to a wide range of full-text journals.




Audiovisual Materials

The Library holds a small collection of audiovisual resources. These include short, full-length and documentary films about Palestinian and Arab women, as well as teaching-specific resources such as audiovisual materials for gender planning training. The establishment of the Palestinian NGO ‘Shashat’ for women’s film has greatly encouraged our efforts to acquire films for the benefit of students and we hope to continue to expand our audiovisual holdings. 


Library services

Library Catalogue

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Computer lab

IWS Library has a computer lab consisting of 7 computers. The lab is available for use by graduate students and visiting researchers. Through it students can access the main electronic holdings of the main library.


Study Space

The library has an area for individual study. It includes (7) tables and (28) chairs.



Students, researchers and guests have access to the university-wide Wi-Fi service.


Other Specialized libraries

We also provide access to the university’s specialized libraries – including the Law Center’s library and Said Khoury Development Studies library. The collections of the Sociology Department are integrated into the IWS own holdings.


 Electronic Access

It is possible to search the Institute’s holdings electronically through the Birzeit University Main Library catalogue, in the section entitled “Ritaj” in the University website http://www.birzeit.edu


Library Hours & Location

The library is open from Monday through Thursday, and Saturday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

It is located on the bottom floor of Al-Bahrain building, room no. 120 located at the north end of the Birzeit University campus.



Library staff

The Institute continues to develop its library, and is encouraged by the increasing volume of users coming from other departments as well as from outside the University. The Women’s Studies Library employs a full-time librarian and one assistant. Other support is provided by part-time student volunteers.


Librarian: Samar Anton Kassis Yasser

E-mail: syasser@birzeit.edu  


Office phone: 0097222982013

Extension: 5052