The MA Program in Gender and Development:

       Courses description and administrative requirements

The Master’s degree program in Gender and Development has been offered by the Institute of Women’s Studies since 1998. The program is a part-time, inter-disciplinary course of study that brings together critical social science approaches to the study of Gender as it relates to central issues in Development theory and practice. Since its founding, the MA Program has successfully trained graduates who have gone on to find employment in various spheres of Development or have continued their PhD studies in various fields of the social sciences. The Institute’s MA program in Gender and Development is widely recognized as a leader in graduate gender studies in the region and has been consulted by numerous universities in the Arab World when setting up their own academic degree programs in gender studies. The Program’s curriculum has continuously evolved in dialogue with innovative global approaches in gender studies, development research and theory and in relation to critical knowledge production across the social sciences. As well it has constantly been adapted to remain relevant to emergent knowledge issues in Palestine and the region.


Admission requirements


  1. BA degree in a social science specialization from a university recognized by Birzeit University
  2.  A passing grade on an English examination.

Language of Instruction

Course readings are mostly in English, while class discussions are mostly conducted in Arabic.


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