Vision and Mission

Since the establishment of the Women Studies Program in 1994 as an interdisciplinary program, it was committed to teaching, research, gender-based community intervention, and to influencing social policies.  Throughout the past decade, the Institute has sought to realize its goals which focused on: contributing to the development of the study of gender at both bachelor and master levels, using an interdisciplinary approach, producing  scientific knowledge using critical gender tools and gender analysis to  empower  researchers and build their capacity to produce knowledge and understand the obstacles hindering the advancement of women. The goals have also focused on supporting the civil society, especially the women’s movement, and social movements through providing consultations based on meticulous research.


To contribute to developing a qualified academic staff, the Institute has taught gender issues in the various academic fields, provided opportunities for graduate studies, introduced the students to the ongoing controversy around women issues at the global and regional levels, and encourage them  to participate in the ongoing debate through engaging in workshops and research through  the Institute. Enhancing such academic endeavors aspires to impacting  formal and informal national policies.