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A new issue of the Review of Women’s Studies


April 09, 2016

The Institute of Women’s Studies released the eighth issue of the annual Review of Women's Studies which is a special issue in Arabic language that includes summaries of research papers done by the institute, besides papers presented in conferences and workshops during the years 2014-2015.

The table of contents is composed of the following sections:



Theme 1:

-          A study on “Area  C”: qualitative and quantitative research  results

Results of gender survey in “Area C”

Rema Hammami

-          Impact of colonial violence and dispossession in “Area C” on households and gender

                       Lena  Meari, Alaa Al Azzeh & Laura Adwan      


Theme 2:  Papers of the 6th annual conference of IWS  “Doing Politics in Palestine: Between Alienation and Participation”

-          Formation of Feminist Concepts in a Context of National and Political Alienation post Oslo: Palestinian Situation 

                       Eileen Kuttab

-          Political Participation and Alienation in the Palestinian Feminist Act

Areen Hawari 

-          Feminist Perspectives on the Forms of Political Participation/Alienation after Oslo

Khitam Saafin    

-          Youth Mobilization in Palestine: Quickly from Spring to Autumn

Firas Jaber, Iyad Riyahi, Eileen Kuttab

-          The Student Movement and the Political Party- “Altaqaddom” Newsletter as a Case Study

Wissam Rafeedie

-          Student Movement at Birzeit University, the Student Strike as a Case Study

Nael Halabi, Haytham Radwan

Theme 3:  A Workshop Report

-          The Minimum Wage: Palestine, Lost Justice

Eileen Kuttab, Rula Abu Duhou, Nidaa Abu Awwad