Re-integration of women survivors of GBV       


A new book issued by the Institute of Women’s Studies


       The institute of Women's Studies announces the publication of the study " Re-integration of Women Survivors of Gender-Based Violence: Core Process for Combating Violence against Women in Palestinian Society", prepared by Nidaa Abu Awwad (Assistant Professor in social Sciences ), with the contribution of field workers Iman Assaf and Areen Hawari, in the framework of WELOD3 Programme – Women’s Empowerment and Local Development under the umbrella of the Institute of Women’s Studies. This study is a part of an integrated program that includes training workshops in the form of three mini-courses that focus on the theoretical framework of violence production and re-production in its cumulative and circular form and how it is linked to the Palestinians’ experience under the Israeli occupation from a gender perspective, as well as raising awareness of service providers in the public sector and non-governmental, private and others working in different fields such as female social workers, psychological guides, health personnel, workers in family sections of the police departments, women activists, and others; on combating violence on the legal, social and psychological level. Kuttab pointed out that in this context, the study seeks to deepen the understanding of the of the socio-legal structure and to what extent it coheres with the process of re-integration of women survivors of gender-based violence in society and empowering of these women for a dignified life.


The full text in English

The full text in Arabic