Workshop on intersectionality between gender, race, class and the colonial case


April 29, 2015

The Institute of Women’s Studies organized, in cooperation  with the doctoral program in social sciences, a workshop “how to address intersectionality between gender, race, class and the colonial case. Professor Nadine Naber stressed that we cannot understand power and repression relation of these structures separately, but there must be an in-depth research on the way these structures intersect to produce women’s life experiences. Naber said that the intersection between power forms are reflected and influenced by knowledge and discourse, in addition to the institutions and physical practices that influence women’s self and identity formation.

Lena Meari, assistant Professor of anthropology & faculty member at the Social and Behavioral Sciences Department & at the IWS, emphasized the importance of this workshop as it offers the conceptual and methodological framework to address the issue of intersectionality between power forces of both faculty and graduate students and contributes to stir the debate about how to understand the gender issue in the colonial context in Palestine.